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A site for WordPress developers by a WordPress developer. Here you’ll find tutorials, tips and how-to’s for developing for WordPress.

This is the site for you who want to learn and write code yourself, not just “install this plugin”.

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WordPress Gutenberg

Start here for Gutenberg specific guides and tutorials. The new Javascript-based editor for WordPress is here to stay, and is planned to become an increasingly larger part of WordPress in the future.

If you, like me, are a PHP developer who understands it’s time to start learning React JS and Gutenberg, start here!

WordPress for Beginners

If you are just starting out with WordPress development I suggest looking into some of these posts!

Complete Guide in Installing a Web Server and WordPress on Localhost

Any WordPress developer should be able to develop on a local webserver. It’s quick and direct way to see your code in action. In this post I’ll go through installing and setting up a webserver application on your computer (both Windows and MacOS), including how to solve the problems that may come with.

WordPress Theme Tutorial for Beginners

This is a tutorial series covering the basics of developing a WordPress theme from scratch. It’s for you who have dabbled a bit in changing other themes, wishing you knew enough to create your own, or tried making your own theme from scratch, but had a hard time understanding the basics of what a theme needs.

Guide: All about Hooks in WordPress

Ever been told the solution to your problem is that you need to “hook onto” something to do your thing or used add_filter without really understanding why it messes stuff up? Hooks make up the foundation of WordPress and provides themes and plugins a way to interact or modify code. In this post we’ll break down what hooks are, how they work and how we can use them.

Guide: How to Query Posts in WordPress

What methods are available for making a custom post query, and when are they best to use? This post aims to establish a solid understanding of two methods of querying posts, how to access the results, how to build arguments, and finally how to clean up after it. The two methods we’ll look at are get_posts() and WP_Query.

All about Adding Styles and Scripts in WordPress

WordPress offers multiple methods to add styles and scripts for frontend and admin, both for adding files and straight out outputting variables/output. This post goes into detail with code examples of how to add scripts and styles to WordPress the correct way.

Create Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies in WordPress by Code

This is a tutorial in how to create a custom post type and a custom taxonomy in WordPress by code. We’ll look at common pitfalls and which arguments to use for minimum but sufficient creation. Full example included at the end.