About A White Pixel


I’m a WordPress developer living right outside the capital Oslo in Norway.

For over ten years I’ve been building custom WordPress sites for businesses in my country. And for the last seven years I’ve been a senior developer in one of Norway’s largest supplier and hosting service of websites for businesses. I specialize in more complex and customized backend functionality and integrations, such as Visma integrations for WooCommerce. We have developed plugins and several theme frameworks for our customers, boosted with knowledge of SEO, content copy, mobile development and GDPR. In my opinion the end result should always be an easy-to-use backend experience that gives customers the flexibility to manage their own website.

As a result I’ve developed a large base of code snippets, reference code, and a-ha’s in WordPress development, which is useful to refer back to when creating something similar again. At one point I figured that other people might benefit from it too, and this site is the result! I hope the content on this site is helpful for you and inspires you to learn more about WordPress development.